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How to find your perfect wedding venue

One of the most important parts of planning your wedding is choosing your venue.

There are loads of wedding venues to choose from and the amount of choice can be confusing at first. But there are a few things to keep in mind that can help you to think more clearly about your choice and find the venue that is perfect for your wedding.


Special location

The first thing to think about is whether or not you have a location in mind that means something to you – maybe near to where you got engaged or somewhere you’d like to visit.

If there’s a place that holds some special meaning to you, the next thing to find out is if that location can act as a venue for a wedding.

If not, you could think about other areas that you’d like to get married in – hotels, country homes, country pubs – there’s loads of options. Think about what best reflects you as a couple and where would allow you to have the sort of wedding you envisage.

Your choice of location can be based on the sort of wedding you want to have, from a big themed wedding or glitzy fairy tale event, to something quieter, more traditional and relaxed.


Number of guests

When you’re thinking about your choice of venue, it’s often a good idea to have a rough idea of the number of guests you want to invite. This can help you to narrow down your choice of venue, based on size.

This can in some instances influence the cost of the venue, especially if providing the catering for your wedding is included in the price.

An idea of how many guests you want can help steer your choice and help you choose the right venue. You might want a large wedding in a massive venue, for instance, or something smaller and more intimate for family and close friends.

Some venues are better suited to one type of wedding over another, so it is worth knowing how big you expect your wedding to be before you start looking.



With a wedding venue, you need to think about whether or not you want to stay overnight, after the reception, to make travel easier. You should also consider how close the venue is to hotels and places for guests to stay, and how easy it is to find and travel to. These things are all especially important if you have friends and family coming from faraway.

These are things to keep in mind when looking for a venue, but don’t forget that it is your wedding. So if you have your heart set on a particular place, or you find a venue that is perfect for what you want to do, you shouldn’t rule them out without talking to friends and family first.


Helping you have the perfect wedding

Choosing your venue helps shape so much of the rest of your wedding planning, from the date you set and the size of your wedding, to what entertainment or food you decide to have. Finding the right venue can put you on the path to shaping your wedding to exactly how you want it to be.

At the Shireburn Arms, we have a dedicated team of wedding planners that can help you to organise your perfect wedding – from helping to finalise menus, to arranging entertainment and organising the order of events for the day.


To find out more about having your dream wedding at the Shireburn Arms, get in touch with our Dream Maker, Chloe, to arrange a show around.

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