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What makes the perfect wedding breakfast?

Normally between your wedding ceremony and reception there is a point where you and your guests enjoy a meal.

A wedding breakfast can be one of the biggest costs associated with your wedding but also serves as an opportunity to really wow your guests. There’s no right or wrong way to have a meal at your wedding, but what options should you keep in mind when trying to tie your meal into the rest of your day?


What sort of meal should you have?

The first choice you tend to make with your wedding breakfast is if it’s going to involve a large sit-down meal, multiple courses, a buffet, or a combination of different things.

This might be influenced by:

When you eat – If you’re eating later on, for instance, if your ceremony is later in the day, a buffet or more relaxed meal might be a good idea. This also means that guests arriving for the evening could also get something to eat.

Number of guests – The cost of your meal is normally dictated by the number of guests a venue or caterer has to provide for. Depending on the meal and the cost, this can cause some wedding budgets to skyrocket. A three-course meal for a large number of guests can be much more expensive than a buffet, for example. In these sorts of situations, it is worth talking to your venue or catering provider to work out what would be the most cost-effective option.

Fitting the meal to the theme of your wedding

If you’ve opted for a wedding that has a particular theme, you might want some elements of your wedding breakfast to reflect this.

For example, if you’ve decided to have a medieval theme or a fantasy fairytale wedding, you might want your meal to resemble something more similar, like a medieval banquet. This might also be how your meal is presented to your guests. For instance, you might have the different parts of the meal presented to guests at their table, so they can choose what they’d like to eat.

Your theme might even change what sort of food you provide. If you’ve got more of a banquet setting, you might opt for something that acts as a focal point for the meal, like a hog roast.

Your wedding might also be designed to emphasise part of the bride or groom’s heritage throughout your wedding. This might mean you can showcase certain foods or ingredients within your meal.


Catering for everyone

It’s important that you take different dietary needs into account. Guests might be vegan, vegetarian or have allergies to certain ingredients, like wheat or nuts.

To make sure everyone can enjoy your wedding breakfast, it is important to have this information well in advance, so you can make the right arrangements for different people.

A good way to do this is to include a section on your invitations where you allow guests to RSVP, but also list any specific food needs they have. You can then use this information when you talk to your venue and caterers to devise a menu that allows you to provide suitable options for all of your guests.


Helping you organise the rest of your wedding

Your wedding breakfast is an important part of your special day – your first meal together as a married couple, which is normally bookended by speeches. Having the right food can really help you and your guests enjoy your wedding day even more.

At the Shireburn Arms, we have a dedicated team of wedding planners that can help you organise your perfect wedding, big or small – from helping organise the flow of the day itself, to providing guidance on the perfect menu for your wedding breakfast.

To find out more about having your dream wedding at the Shireburn Arms, get in touch with our Dream Makers to talk about having your wedding your way.

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